Posted By: Bayley Bischof

Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

As a member of the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department, house fires are a situation William Despain deals with regularly.

But Friday morning, a fire broke out that changed his life.

It was his home, with his girlfriend and daughter inside.

"Before you go through it, you think insurance will just cover everything and it's going to be all new and better,” Despain said.

But now he, his girlfriend Kayla and 2–year–old daughter Emily are left with nothing.

They think the fire started because of an extension cord in their garage, and quickly spread through the home.

"If it's not burnt up it's smoke or water damage so we lost everything,” Kayla Chase, said.

She said it's not been an easy year for the family.

"Bill’s mom’s funeral was Thursday, the day before the fire. It’s been a hard hard week,” the couple said.

They said they’ve already had an outpouring of support from their little community in Greenwood.

"This community is amazing,” Chase said.
“People we don't even know have offered us clothes, home essentials and money."

But what the couple really wants is for their daughter's toys and clothes to be replaced.

“I don’t care about us, we’ll be okay,” Despain said. “But she’s too young to know what’s going on, she just knows she doesn’t have her toys anymore.”

They said Emily's favorite movie is Trolls, and she carries a Poppy doll everywhere, they said.

But she also loves playing doctor, house and teacher.

She wears size 2t clothes.

If you want to help this family get back on their feet you can make donations in Lincoln to the Center for People in Need, just ask for Lynette at the front desk.

Or you can drop off donations at the fire station in Greenwood.

Or donate to their Go-Fund-Me page: Bill & Kayla's House Fire Recovery