A woman is speaking out after a firework vandal is caught in action.

"I am so thankful that god was watching out for my family."

We talked to this woman before but now that the teen has been seen in action, she knows exactly what she wants to tell him. She did not want to be identified.

"I want him to know that we are praying for him and that we do forgive him and we just want him to think before he acts."

She also told us that she was thankful that police were able to find the suspect hours after the doorbell video went public. This is some of the her advice for the community.

"Just know that there are people out there that don't have the best of intentions so just be watchful and be careful."

A 17-year-old faces multiple misdemeanor charges after police said he lit artillery shells on two porches last Sunday. 

Police said the teen hit two homes in southeast Lincoln. He's accused of ringing the doorbell, lighting the firework and then running away.

One of the homes had a doorbell video camera that caught the suspect in action. 

Police said within hours of the video being released to the public the suspect was identified. 

He and his mother were contacted near 48th and South Street. 

He's been referred to the county attorney on two counts of these four charges: injure or destroy the property of another, disturbing the peace, trespassing and unlawful discharge of a firework.

The teen told police the victims were targeted randomly and he didn't intend to hurt anyone.