On Saturday, Hebron rancher Clayton Hergott died in a UTV accident.

But he wasn't your everyday rancher.

He would go about his day like any other rancher even if he had more difficulties than others.

"I am completely limited to riding around in this or crawling around on the floor."

Clayton lost his ability to walk in an accident around a decade ago.

But he kept doing what he loved, with the help of AgrAbility, which helps farmers and ranchers with disabilities overcome their barriers.

He was able to do his job with provisions like an electric jack for his stock trailer and a portable corral on wheels.

"So when I'm catching cows, they get them in and they roll super easy."

But even with the help of technology, he did it with will and determination.

And he had a message for other farmers and ranchers who faced the same adversity he did.

"There are other people in your shoes that are out there," Clayton said.  "If you want it bad enough and you want to fight for it bad enough, there's usually a way to figure something out one way or another."

His obituary said he departed this life doing what he loved.