Posted By: Bayley Bischof 

Police ticketed a man for making a false report to 911 on Tuesday.

It started when 911 dispatch got a call that there was a man with a gun at the State Capitol Building, police said. 

Nebraska State Patrol and security inside started the search while Lincoln Police officers and Lancaster County Sheriff's deputies arrived. After searching the building, and finding nothing, dispatch gave police the caller's information. 

Police went to his house in Lincoln. He first denied making the call, then said he must have done it in his sleep.

He was cited with a misdemeanor for making a false report, but Lincoln Police Officer Angela Sands said this is a serious problem. 

"It took 20 officers from several law enforcement agencies so now you're pulling them away from resources in the city actually needed," Sands said. 

She said it also disrupted, and could have seriously scared the people at the Capitol Building.