Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

At the SAC Aerospace Museum is the 10th annual Legislative Summit were all five federal delegates are getting together to talk about what's going on in Washington.
"Well we tend to think of leader ship maybe as those in elected office or those running major entities, but the leadership is behind you today," said Representative Jeff Fortenberry "these are the people who sacrifice day in and day out to create the conditions for economic well being for meaningful work for jobs who are in public office at the local level dealing with day to day problems. So it's always important for me to be here at this event."
The Legislative Summit isn't just to talk about what's going on in Washington, but also to talk about the state of Nebraska.
"I love this event," said Gov. Ricketts "it really is a great opportunity to be able to not only see our federal delegation but also it brings together a lot of the folks that are creating the job opportunities in our state together to be able to network and talk about what we can further do to create those opportunities for the people of the state."
What was on everyone's mind though is the big question about the future of tariffs.
"So one of the big issues is obviously trade." added Sen. Ben Sasse "these people understand why Nebraska needs to continue feeding the world. We live on the most productive farm and ranch land in human history and we grow so much more food than we can conceivably consume and so we need export markets. There are people all over the world who want to buy our food and we want to sell them our food and so we need more trade."
With that topic being discussed so much it's clear that these delegates have something to bring back to Washington.
"I think we are making progress. I'm not a fan of tariffs so I hope we can get beyond this sooner rather than later," said Congressman Adrian Smith. 
"So we have to tell the President we have to get this done because there's gonna be good companies going out of business if we don't get this changed," added Congressman Don Bacon. 
The biggest takeaway from this Legislative Summit is getting a trade deal done in the near future.