By: Channel 8 Eyewitness

Citizens in Milford packed the town Fire Hall to hear a bike path proposal.

It was standing room only as dozens of residents voiced concern for a new bike path. The proposed path is expected to cost millions of dollars and residents are concerned taxes could go up. Milford public officials didn't give an estimate to where the overall funding would come from.

If approved the path would go through the heart of town, of which includes many homes and businesses.

Once concerned mother and resident, Kelli Keib, hopes the bike path doesn't find it's way to approval, "I don't think it requires them putting in a bike path and destroying property, not to mention the amount of signage to put up for it, the driveways, the streets, the kiosks, the trash cans, the benches, the impact on the community as a whole."

Most of those who spoke Thursday night opposed the path with many concerns. Ranging from lower property values for home owners to cost and payment for the plan.

If approved, it wouldn't be constructed until 2020.