Posted By: Alden German

Nebraska Task Force One has been activated again to help out in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Hurricane Florence, the latest hurricane to make landfall on the u.s., is wreaking havoc along the Carolina coast.

The group of 44 arrived in Fayetteville, north Carolina Wednesday evening after being called into duty Monday night.

"We anticipate that we're going to be hunkered down for a little while as the storm reaches landfall and we have specific rules of engagement that we need to follow before we can go out and go to work," said LFR Chief Roger Bonin.

The Task Force is made up firefighters from Lincoln, Omaha and Papillion, as well as engineers and doctors and 4 canines and their handlers.

They are no stranger to hurricanes. Last year the Force conducted rescue operations after hurricanes Harvey and Irma and expect to be doing the same for this storm.

"I am thinking we will be doing boat rescue and boat evacuation. That will be our initial mission," said Bonin.

We also spoke with Mitch Henry, a Nebraska native who lives along the coast near Wilmington, North Carolina where the storm is expected to make landfall.

"I drove in to work this morning to finish up some stuff and the roads were just...there was nobody on them," said Henry. "I mean it was just a ghost town. Everything's closed up, people have boarded up. I'd say a majority of people have left."

Despite the warnings, he and his family have chosen to not evacuate - yet - but are prepared to ride out the storm. Henry has actually lived in North Carolina for nearly 30 years and has experience hurricanes before, but does have a neighbor they can go to if they need extra protection.