Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

On Thursday night Miles Margritz is going to be recognized along with the people who saved his life at Bryan Health's Tribute to Trauma Champions.

The award comes after Miles was hit last December in Grand Island by an oncoming car that was going 140 miles per hour.

"Well frankly I don't feel like I'm the champion," Margritz said. "I feel I'm here cause of the people involved in it."  

It's a day Margritz's wife, Christy, will never forget. 
"It was a crazy morning it was one of those morning I left really early so I was in charge of getting the kids ready and out of the house and I received a Facebook message from his boss that just said you need to call me ASAP," Christy Margritz said. 
After the crash, Margritz was flown to Bryan West Hospital in Lincoln, with numerous life threatening injures which included a punctured lung, severe internal bleeding, a ruptured spleen, fractured ribs, shoulders, pelvis, wrist, leg, ankle and skull.

He underwent three hours of emergency surgery, then rehab. 

"I spent the first three weeks of December 20th and the how even many whatever that was, I stayed here in Lincoln and I only went home Christmas morning and New years day to see the kids," Christy Margritz said. 
Ten months after his ordeal, Miles is back home in Kearney with his two kids, his wife, and a new perception on life.
"There's been several times just holding my son, listing to worship music that I've just been balling because I get the chance to do that," Margritz said. 
While there are still some limitations, Christy Margritz says the future of their family looks bright.
"I would love to take the kids on a big trip. My goal is some day Disney world. I'm going to keep my finger crossed to do that. But just to spend time together like you never know when a car is going to come out of nowhere," Christy Margritz said.