Nebraska head coach Scott Frost gives the "best thing I heard all week" on his team not giving up and the senior's message to freshman. WATCH:

"It hasn't been easy for any of us, the players, the coaches, I'm sure the fans. We've had to struggle through some things and after this season regardless of how it finishes the thing I'll be most proud of from this season is most teams, if they have the start to the season that we had, would have shut it down, would've started fighting, would've gotten worse," Frost said. "This team keeps getting better, keeps having more fun playing, culture keeps getting better, there's relationships being developed, there's a lot of the things being built even through some trying times and that's not easy to do."

"The best thing I heard all week is one of my young guys came to me and told me that one of the old guys told him that he was so jealous of the young guy that he was going to get to be around here for three more years because of what the players can feel is happening or where they know it's going. That's great to hear that even a senior going out the door wishes he could stay here with us a while longer and with this team a while longer."