Back in 2014, Jessie McCain was killed in an accident.

She was riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle, which crashed into an SUV.  Police said he was going twice the speed limit.

After the incident, Jessie’s friends and family set up a memorial for her, on 57th and O streets where it would be there for the next four years.

But once the new Freddy’s was built the memorial was taken down and moved across the street.

When Elaine Cajka and Sadie Lewallen, Jessie’s friend found it on the other side of the road they took it home and placed it in their garden.

"It was just really heartbreaking because like my mother said we don't have a grave that we can just easily access and that is the place I do go to mourn her and to let her spirit live on,” Sadie Lewallen said.

So while the memorial was moved, it has found new a temporary home with Jessie's closest friends, and a bright future.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News reached out to Freddy's multiple times for a comment, but they never contacted back.