The consulting and analyst firm, Zinnov, recently interviewed our CTO, Rao Yendluri on Innominds’ Advanced Edge Analytics Solution Platform—iFusion Analytics

Our platform would be primarily driven by customer requirements. So, based on the requirements, our platform would keep evolving.”
— Rao Yendluri
/ -- Zinnov, recently interviewed our CTO, Rao Yendluri, Chief Technology Officer at Innominds, to gather his views on the subject as well as get a detailed overview of how their
—“iFusion Analytics” solves these bottlenecks.

iFusion Analytics to help organizations extract value from their data on a business-first basis, called iBDaaS (

When asked, What would you say are the major concerns of Enterprises today for big data implementations? Also, how do enterprises make the right choice from amongst the different offerings of Big Data available today? Rao Yendluri, The biggest pain point today is that there is no single tool that addresses all Big Data implementation requirements. In the golden era of typical data warehouses, there was a one stop solution to enterprise data mining or data warehouse problems. However, the new
require enterprises to identify the right set of tools to collect the data, clean it and prepare it for various types of analysis. They need experts for these activities which becomes a costly, time-consuming affair. The expert would not only need to identify the right tool for the activity, but also need to know the tool very well, and be conversant in its installation, configuration and effective usage.

Another problem is that of migration. Enterprises have data lying in heterogeneous stores and migrating all of this data to Big Data lakes is time consuming and expensive. The problem does not really stop there. Even after streamlining of data collection process and the selection of the right tool, another important concern today is identifying data scientists needed for the job. Data scientists are versatile people with knowledge in statistics but in short supply with relevant business domain understanding and programming skills. Finding the right Data Scientist for a company is a hard task indeed. After effectively building the required algorithms and including all delays, IT overheads, etc., there can be cases where a Data Scientist might come back to say that we do not have all the fields required to run an effective algorithm. All these challenges make the process extremely time consuming and delaying in gaining insights into the data.

With this background, can you talk about your platform, iFusion? Rao Yendluri replied

iFusion is a self-service platform for analytics that simplifies and combines various necessary packages for analytics; iFusion helps enterprises make the appropriate choices in identification of tools required, and streamlines installation and configuration. It also addresses security concerns; iFusion comes with LDAP, Active Directory integration including CA Security stack. Post installation, one only needs to worry about from which source data needs to be collected, the configuration of which is again made easier by the simplified interface of iFusion. Depending on the source of data, the right tool for the job such as Sqoop, Kafka, etc. is selected automatically.

In short, our iFusion platform eases the following tasks for users:

Eliminating users from spending time in deciding the choice of tools

Offers Easy installation, configuration and loading/cleansing of data

Easy deployment of algorithms

Few more queries about iFusion analytics product

Zinnov: How is iFusion superior to some of the competing offerings in the market? What are its core differentiators?

Rao Yendluri: There are several differentiators compared to other platforms. iFusion offers the ability to read through the operational data and take only a subset of needed data, and to process it instead of reading through the entire data. Users hardly have to worry about things such as tools to be used, security, data life-cycle etc. Because of our seamless integration into user environment along with easy integration with users current LDAP or Active Directory, they can maintain one central system for security instead of having to manage two separate systems.

Another differentiating factor is the drastic reduction in project development cost and delivery time as you won’t need many people to work on such development activities due to the self-learning capabilities that iFusion offers. We expect users would be able to reduce project cost and delivery time by nearly 50% and gain insights into the data much faster.

Zinnov: What are the top use cases that iFusion is most relevant to?

Rao Yendluri: This platform gives you the flexibility to build as many solutions as you have ideas of. You can prototype it and if it looks good, the tool can be used to put that solution into the production environment. We have already worked on three innovative use cases and are working on few more as we speak.

First one that I would like to highlight is for Descriptive Analytics in the telecom space. It can be used to not only find fraudulent activities using telephone or skype, but also catch such people within the network. We call it a Telecom records management system.

Second use case is in the e-commerce space for a recommendation engine. Clients can delve into users’ shopping carts and intelligently recommend products not only for the same user, but also his friends and family. For Example, Amazon actively monitors user carts for what they have selected to buy and accordingly displays related products. A user selecting to buy diapers would see related products such as milk bottle, powders, baby lotions, etc. Recommending products that your friends might have bought can most likely result in you buying a similar product as well.

Another one is in the IoT space for collecting data from Healthcare devices. Suretouch is one of our customers who collects a lot of customer data from their breast scan devices. Such a client can map their data with other demographic data such as race and gender of people and then correlate both data sets to find the probability of people likely to suffer from breast cancer.

Intelligent Collection and Edge Analytics Platform- iFusion, has won the ‘Cloud Analytics Product of the Year’ award category at the ‘Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2017’.

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