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Asthma is known as reactive airway disease and is defined as a chronic lung condition with inflammation (swelling) of the airways, increased sensitivity of the airways to a variety of things that make asthma worse and obstruction of airflow.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Increased shortness of breath or wheezing that can be heard by
  • others around you
  • Waking up at night caused by wheezing, shortness of breath or coughing
  • Chest tightness or pain
  • Needing bronchodilators more than usual (short acting, rescue medicines)
  • A decrease in normal peak flow rates as measured by a peak flow meter
  • Coughing, especially if the cough is frequent and occurs in spasms

Treatment options

  • Bronchodilators - short or long acting medicines that open up tightened airways and provide temporary relief of symptoms.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines - the mainstay medicines taken daily to prevent asthma attacks. They work by reducing inflammation in your airways and preventing blood vessels from producing extra mucus in the airway tissue.
  • Allergy shots - may help prevent attacks by making you less sensitive to the allergens that cause the attack.


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