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10 Tips to Slow Down and Enjoy It

For many of us the holiday season is a time of celebration, family and warm tidings. For others it can be a time of PANIC! If you are a member of that second group, here are some tips to tone anxiety and turn up the cheer:

* Have a positive attitude. Thinking things will go all wrong, (just like they did last year) ...and they probably will.

* Try not to worry about things out of your control. No one really will notice if you got there late or if you bought cookies instead of baked. Think, what am I trying to achieve and then find the most efficient way for YOU to achieve it.

* Problem solve with people around you. Ask them to help you alleviate stress. Don't be afraid to say help or even, no thanks not this year. Maybe Aunt Betty would like to take that on?

* Exercise. A few extra minutes of exercise a day can benefit your overall health. Besides if you look and feel better you will cope better with every new curve ball.

* Eat Nutritional food. Decrease the amount of fat and sugar you eat. Holiday foods are yummy but tend to be short on energy and they also wear down your resistance. Get some protein and leafy greens in with those sugar cookies.

*Avoid too much caffeine. It can make your small anxieties seem large and although it gives you a boost, it dehydrates your body in the long run leaving you feeling lethargic.

Avoid too much alcohol - It is the time of cheer but make sure it's not beer after beer after beer as well. This step is especially important for keeping the body fit and active, but safe as well. If you do indulge pick a designated driver for the evening.

* Meditate, or take a class in relaxation and stretching techniques --like Tai Chi or Yoga. You may need to just step away from the whirlwind swirling about you -- even if it is all family.

* Get a massage. A massage can be beneficial for the mind and body. It's not wrong to give yourself the gift in this season of giving!

*Get plenty of rest. I you can try to get eight hours a day so that you can face the world without feelings of grouchiness or utterances of bah-humbug!

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