10 years later, rebuilding after an F-4 tornado

By: Jenn Hatcher

Just up the road from Hallam, near Firth, a family is celebrating the rebuilding of their farm.

Cody Behrends says he remembers the storm like it was yesterday.

“I remember taking a peak out the front door and seeing one of the buildings letting go and at that time I knew,” explains the farmer.

The destruction was from the F–4 tornado also flattened the village of Hallam.

The only buildings on the Behrends property that were salvaged, the house and a small shed.

“The shop went up, the shed went up, little by little, even today, we’re like, well this is what we use to have, do we want to do that again,” says Behrends.

It took the family at least two years to re–erect the many structures.

They give a lot of credit to volunteers; many showed up bright and early the next morning.

Behrends remembers that morning well, “There were people already down the driveway which is amazing, it’s a humbling experience.”

Chad Baker is one of the many who helped, he says, “It was a mess, it looked like a bomb hit the place.”

On the 10-year anniversary, Baker and others, joined the family for a barbeque, to look back at what they’ve overcome.

“We won’t be able to give back to them what they gave to us,” says Behrends.

They’ve given them a farm, from the rubble.