$100M upgrade at SouthPointe Pavilions

Posted By: Laurann Robinson


Today, Scheels announced its plans for a new flagship store in Lincoln, complete with entertainment set to rival some amusement parks… but controversy could spark as an added sales tax will be collected to pay for a new parking garage to go with it.

"After about 2 hours of being here, you’ll spread the word quickly. It’s a lot of fun” said employee, Louie Sikich.

Calling itself the "Disneyland of sporting goods"… Scheels aims to be more of an experience, than just a store.

"What we found out when we put these attractions in the stores, the trees are nice, but the trees just basically stand there and make us different. The Ferris Wheel brings the store to life," said Scheels CEO Steve Scheel.

With the price tag of 84–million dollars, it will nearly triple the size of its current SouthPointe location…. housing a Ferris Wheel, a restaurant, sports simulators and even an aquarium.

The current site will eventually become a parking garage… Scheels will move to where Micheal’s, Famous Footwear and Dressbarn currently are… those stores will be relocated to other areas of the shopping center.

Mayor Chris Beutler says, "once it has been established, state law allows the retail establishments in the area to assess a 1–percent occupation tax to fund construction of a 19–million dollar public parking garage."

That extra 1–percent tax, proposed to start in 2017, will be added to your bill at all shops at SouthPointe, not just Scheels… with food and drinks being the only exception.

The mayor added, "the increased valuation of the newly–expanded store will drive new property tax revenues for the school districts, for the city and for the county."

All stores involved will remain open during construction.

The new Scheels is expected to open its doors in November of 2018, with the parking garage set to follow in 2019.

The project is scheduled to begin immediately with the opening of a new Valentino’s restaurant in April.

The existing food court building will be torn down.