UPDATE: Man killed after crashing stolen Camaro

Posted by: Abigail Wood


UPDATE: The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office says 26-year-old Tanner Goodrich was the man killed in a fatal accident Monday morning that involved a stolen 1968 Camaro.

Goodrich had lived in Lincoln, but according to documents, moved to Mankato, Mn in 2012. 

He was driving the Camaro at the time of the crash down a state highway about two hours south of Minneapolis, MN, in Faribault County. The Faribault County Sheriff’s Office says the Camaro was traveling at a high rate of speed when it hit a driveway and flew almost 200 feet before flipping and landing upright. 

Chief Deputy Scott Adams says Goodrich was thrown from the car and pronounced dead at the scene.

He says the car was "severely damaged. The damage is unbelievable."

The car didn’t hit anything else other than the driveway. The investigation into the accident and the theft of the Camaro is still ongoing. Investigators are still working with the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office to determine if Goodrich is the person who stole the vehicle, and if so, whether he acted alone.


UPDATE: Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office found the stolen Camaro. They say it was involved in a fatal crash in Minnesota this morning.


A 1968 Camaro worth $80,000 was stolen early Friday morning from a car shop called Restore a Muscle Car, out near Highway 77 and Waverly Road. The sheriff and shop owner both agree that it had to be a sophisticated theft to get past the shop’s tight security.

"He seemed to know where he was going," the president of Restore a Muscle Car, Dave Hall, said. "He knew what he was doing."

The sheriff wants you to keep an eye out for the valuable car. It’s pretty distinctive:

"It’s a dark charcoal in color with the black hideaway lights," Hall said. "It’s got black, over-sized wheels on it. It’s a louder car."

Restore a Muscle Car is well-established and works on cars from around the world. They have about 20 video cameras, and surveillance from those has given them some strong leads.

"Additional measures have been made since then and obviously additional cameras have been put in to help lock down the facility even more than it already was," Hall said.

The car’s owner is from Roca. He brought the car in less than a week ago to get it touched up for a possible sale.

"At first he thought it was a joke of course, because he knows how particular we are about not only the cars in the facility but everything we do," Hall said.

The sheriff’s office says the shop’s security system wasn’t lacking. The thief was just skilled enough to disable it. This is an ongoing investigation. If you see the car around town, please contact law enforcement immediately.