2 men riding NYC cab to L.A. make stop in Lincoln

Dan Wuebben and John Belitsky

Two men who decided to take a cab ride from New York City to Los Angeles on a whim made a pit stop in Lincoln Wednesday morning.

The men declined an on camera interview saying they're behind schedule.  They made it to their destination, Los Angeles, on Saturday.  Now, they're headed back to New York.  The group stopped in Lincoln because a relative lives in Lincoln.  They plan to stop for a bit in Omaha also.  Their trip has made headlines across the country.  They have been documenting the trip and posting the video on YouTube under the title “NY2LAinacab.”

John Belitsky of Leonia, N.J, and Dan Wuebben of Queens hired cabbie Mohammed Alam for $5000.  It took six days to reach L.A.  The pair says the idea for the trip was hatched during a birthday party for Wuebben.