20 overdoses in 10 days on K2

Posted By: Megan Conway


Lincoln police are trying to break myths of a harmful substance.

“It’s being considered a harmless and plant like material that really doesn’t have any dangers associated with using it,” says Cpt. Chris Peterson, of the Lincoln Police Department Narcotics Unit.

That substance is synthetic marijuana or K2, and a recent outbreak in overdoses has police concerned. There have been 20 medical emergencies in the last 10 days in Lincoln, 8 of those just happened Tuesday, but thankfully none have resulted in a death. 

Synthetic marijuana has been around since at least 2010, but police say they’ve never had an outbreak like this. People are reporting to the emergency room with violent vomiting, seizures and loss of consciousness. Police held a special news conference Wednesday afternoon to warn people that K2 is dangerous and not the same as regular marijuana.

“The plant like material has some type of substance sprayed on it, and we believe that’s changed enough here lately that it is causing some medical emergencies and making people very sick,” says Peterson.

Police say the producers continue to change the chemicals to stay ahead of laws to keep their product legal. Other states are having similar issues. Police warn that popular brands of K2 that they’re having issues with are Mr. Big Shot, LOL and *Get Real.

They’re also asking if you have any information on the drug or know someone that uses it, to please contact them.