2nd Annual Women’s March draws large crowd

The 2nd Annual Women’s March was held in Lincoln today.

The march was all about increasing awareness and continuing the momentum recent women’s movements have gained.

This year was fueled even more by the recent ‘me too’ movement.

The march also served as a platform for women to stand up against sexual assault.

Many marchers say raising awareness is the most crucial part of creating meaningful change.

"It’s not something that’s just faced by glamorous people or by really extreme cases, it’s every day women are experiencing oppression and people are realizing that and stepping up against it and pushing back and I think it’s amazing", said UNL student Kristy Gentry.

The crowd marched from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln student union to the capitol.

Speakers encouraged women and members of minority groups to run for public office as midterm elections quickly approach.

"We want to be able to effect change, not only in our community and in our state but throughout our country. We are collectively gathering on issues and values that we all share that matter to all of us so deeply," said U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Raybould.

The march was one of hundreds held all over the world today.

Speaking not just for women’s rights, but for everyone to speak up and do the right thing.

"We’re not going to have equal rights as women until men are also willing to step aside and relinquish some of their power and really live in the world a different way," said marcher Kara Viesca.

The ultimate goal, to promote equality for everyone and showing that there is strength in numbers.

"For me it’s a sense of power it’s a sense of being able to stand up for what we believe in and what we want to do and to feel united. Seeing so many people out here is incredible and it’s the most empowering thing ever and I’m so happy were here," said Gentry.