3-year-old found alone, wandering streets of Omaha

Posted By: Megan Conway


An Omaha woman couldn’t believe what she saw last night; a little girl wandering in the frigid cold. The girl was found in a south Omaha neighborhood. Police are still trying to figure out who she is and where her parents are.

Omaha resident Siera Phillips found a little girl, around 3–years–old, wandering alone at 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

“She said mom left me, and she told me to knock on the door, and she said dad wasn’t home,” says Phillips.

Phillips searched the area near 23rd and Polk streets, but the toddler’s dad was never found. 

“We walked house to house for about 45 minutes, and we met a neighbor down the street. They didn’t know her. No one knew her, couldn’t identify her,” says Phillips.

With no luck of finding the parents, Phillips took the girl into her home, trying to keep her warm until the police arrived.

“She was trembling, shaking, crying, but why wouldn’t she be, she was wet and cold,” says Phillips.

Phillips said her name might be Isabella. When she took the little girl in, she was hungry and scared.

“Her skin looked like she just kind of had been bitten. She didn’t have on the proper clothing, she was soiled. She’s still in diapers. Just pretty much she didn’t look like she was in good condition before we found her,” says Phillips.

Phillips says she’s glad she found the girl and that she’s okay now.

“I just wish that her parents will come forward, even if they, you know, this was meant–they did it on purpose. I’m just glad she’s safe,” says Phillips.

While police search for her parents, she’s in protective custody. She was found dressed in a black and pink jacket; blue tank top; black stretch pants; black and pink shoes; and a Hello Kitty stocking cap. If you have any information about the girl, call 444–5818.