Benefit to help 3-Year-Old girl who suffers mysterious strokes

A 3–year–old needs your help.  Little Savannah Wubbels has had several strokes and doctors can't figure out why. At first they thought it was an ear infection, now her entire right side is affected. She goes to physical therapy several times a day, and the cost is really adding up. It's about 800–dollars a day and insurance covers very little.

“They've put her on a baby aspirin everyday which she'll probably be on indefinitely, but still as a mom it's like when you don't have a cause the scary part is…will in happen again?” Savannah's mom Heidi said.

To help with medical expenses, there will be a benefit this Friday from 4 to 8–PM at the Sprague Community Center just outside of Lincoln. It's a spaghetti feed and silent auction. There is also a fund in her name at First State Bank.