4-year-old girl saves sister from attempted kidnapping

By: Kali Nicole

A 4-year-old stops a man from kidnapping her baby sister Wednesday afternoon. But could he strike again? Police are still searching for a man who they say tried kidnapping a Lincoln girl.

Here's where it happened earlier Wednesday afternoon – just outside a home near Southwest 15th and west “A” street. The Sindelar family lives here, where they say just before 1 o'clock…a man tried to take their 8 month old daughter from right out of their SUV parked in the driveway.

“It was like your heart dropped to your stomach, just like a roller coaster,” Mom Katie Sindelar said.

But this was no game. Just before one Wednesday afternoon, the Sindelar family was loading up their two little girls for afternoon errands. Stepping only feet away, just for a moment to grab the stroller, when their 4-year-old started screaming.

“He came out to see what was happening and saw a bike behind our car and there was a man trying to take our youngest girl,” Sindelar said.

Luckily, no one was taken, or hurt, but the suspect did get away. Police say they are looking for a white male, in his 30's, 140-150 pounds. He was wearing a ball cap, short sleeve shirt, black shorts. And don't forget that bike. They think it's a gray BMX style.

“You know people like that exist, but until you go through something like this, it doesn't seem real,” Sindelar said.

But now that they can, the Sindelar's say the only thing they can think about right now…is how thankful they are they taught their 4-year-old just 5 months ago…about stranger danger.

“She just keeps telling us that a stranger tried to take her sister she yelled and screamed for daddy and she would have bit him if she could, that's what she told me, she's a little hero,” Sindelar said.

It shows that stranger danger training really can pay off. Now again, just wanted to remind everyone the suspect is still out there. He's described as a white male, in his 30's, 140-150 pounds on a gray BMX-style bike.