7-year-old battling cancer with attitude

Posted By: Camila Orti

The battle against cancer is just beginning for one Lincoln family.

7-year-old Gianna Carrera was diagnosed just a couple months ago. Gianna, known as 'Gigi' to her friends and family, is full of energy, loves bacon, and announced proudly over the intercom of her elementary school that she's battling a rare brain cancer.

“Wrote a speech out and everything, she's just been, 'yeah, I got cancer, so what?'” mother Leah Carrera said.

Despite the positive attitude, Gigi's condition is extremely serious. She's had two brain surgeries in the last month to remove three cancerous tumors.

“I'm scared because I don't know what's in my future,” Gianna said.

“She went from being able to run around, play, ride her bike, be on her own, to bed rails, a baby monitor, no recess,” Carrera added.

The family's battle is just getting started.

“Any of the treatments that we need in order to treat the cancer are the things that can harm her,” Carrera said.

That's because Gianna has a condition called NF1. It means she can develop tumors at any time, and radiation could actually speed up the process.

“It's difficult, she may not be here next year,” Carrera said. “It'll be really hard to survive this and thank God she's got a tough personality.”

Gianna still somehow sees a few perks of losing a good chunk of her eyesight and spending countless hours in the hospital.

“No more school, woohoo!” Gianna said with a victory dance.

She will begin her radiation treatments in a couple weeks, and all the Carrera's can do is stay positive.

“We're not going to let this be us,” Carrera said, “she isn't cancer, she's Gigi.”

The family has a fund set up through Union Bank called “Giving for Gigi” if you'd like to donate. Make sure you mention the Carrera name.

Gianna also has a Facebook page where you can see photos and updates on her condition.