9-year-old gives back to veterans

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy


A cup of coffee.

It’s a simple gesture that came with a whole lot of meaning Friday afternoon.

"There are a lot of veterans out there that need a cup of coffee to warm up their day and feel welcomed," Marty Kahland, 9-year-old, said.

9–year–old Marty Kahland wants to thank veterans for their selfless service to our country.

It all started with a glass of lemonade.

"Lemonade? There you go. Thank you. Thank you."

And a little inspiration.

"My papa, he was a Vietnam war vet," Kahland, said.

Last month, Marty held a lemonade stand to raise money for veterans.

On Friday, he presented the local VA hospital with nearly $250 to use for their coffee cart.

There to present the money with him was Marty’s hero, his papa and Vietnam War Veteran.

"I am very impressed with the fact that he knows as much as he does about veterans and what we went through to make it a better county for the little ones," Ivan Tracy, Marty’s Papa, said.

But this donation is more than a cup of joe and some mini donuts.

It’s a warm thank you from a young man who wants to show veterans that what they did matters, and still matters. Thanks to the men and woman who fight for our country, things like Marty’s lemonade stand are possible.

"It’s very commendable on Marty’s part that, at that age, he appreciates what the veterans have done for this country,” Lance Hobelman, Vietnam War Veteran, said.

Marty was awarded the Friend of Veterans Award Friday for all his hard work.