$92 million project planned for downtown Lincoln

A proposed 10 story, multi–use development could stand on P Street between 9th and 10th.

It’s where the Lincoln Journal Star currently is.

"The building, we believe, is really at an iconic location, a real gateway location to the city itself,” David Newman, Newman Development, said. “Certainly coming in from the north and certainly coming in to the Haymarket."

Mayor Beutler, along with project developers, announced details Thursday.

"Our iconic sports venues and several beautiful high rises, like this one, make the entrance to this city become more impressive everyday," Mayor Chris Beutler, said.

The $92 million City Center will include 238 apartments, street level retail, office space, and a rooftop amenity area.

Newman Development group proposed the idea.

David Newman says it’s the next step to grow a developing city.

"We think Lincoln is just warming up in its growth stage," Newman, said.

Beutler agrees, he says the project falls right into his plans for P Street development.

$78 million of the $92 million price tag will be paid thru private investment, making this

the largest private investment building in the whole city.

$13.5 in tax–incriminate– funding, or tif, will also be used..

If approved, the project is expected to begin construction this fall.

They expect to be done in 2020.

The Lincoln–Lancaster County Planning Commission approved the project in April.

Now the Urban Design committee and the city council need to approve it.