A 20 year tour guide experience comes to an end

Posted by: Kelsey Murphy


A Mississippi native knows Nebraska better than some who may have grown up here.

65 year old Gloria Witherspoon is nearly an expert in Nebraska history. She’s been giving tours in the State Capitol Building for more than 20 years, teaching school children and visitors about the state.

Tuesday, her tour came to an end, she’s retiring.

Witherspoon is walking the halls of the capitol one last time to say goodbye to a place that has taught her so much.

"You got to have your facts, you don’t have the facts you don’t make the tour. Communication is one of my favorite sports, and it’s what I do with people, I bring them into the system and I bring the system into them,” says Witherspoon.

Witherspoon plans to stay in Nebraska. She’s looking forward to some time at home, but she’ll check up on the capitol tours and her fellow guides.