A budding development in south Lincoln

By: Jenn Hatcher

There's a big shopping center in the making in south Lincoln.

For five years, the Wilderness Hills lot at 27th and Yankee Hill
stood mostly vacant.

Kohl's the lone tenant.

“The economy shortly after that took a downturn and the
national people were not looking to expand,” explains Leo Schumacher,
President of Lincoln Federal Savings, who is the area developer.

Schumacher says things are starting to look up for the
budding development.

In November, Tanner's Bar & Grill opened in the plaza area.

Tanner's general manager, Mark Pogge says, “We
definitely started out crazy busy and it's consistently stayed the same

The restaurants good success should continue.

HomeGoods and Marshalls, next door, will open around May 1st.

The two big stores are just the beginning.

“We probably have eight to ten national tenants that are
currently looking at our site,” says Schumacher.

Aldi Grocery has already filed a building permit but
Schumacher would not release the names of other possible businesses.

Schumacher expects many new shops to open by the spring of