A DUI crash damages a north Lincoln non profit

Restoration crews were hard at work cleaning up the mess from an early morning crash in north Lincoln Thursday.

Police arrested 35–year–old Jason Truhlicka for second offense DUI.

They said he rammed a vehicle multiple times near 27th and Holdrege after midnight.

Officers said  a passenger in that car had a broken leg.

Police believe he was high on meth.

LPD said Truhlicka later crashed into CEDARS  Northbridge Community Center. The non profit works with foster children.

CEO Jim Blue got the news overnight.

"I got here a little after six this morning and it was a total mess,” CEDARS President/CEO Jim Blue said.

The car left this large hole in the building, knocked around bricks and created cracks in the wall.

It destroyed this office.

Workers had to pry open a door to get inside it.

A couple of others were also damaged.

"I cannot imagine how a vehicle can get from 27th and Holdrege, through the police department’s parking lot, through our parking lot and ram this kind of hole,” Blue said.

Blue said this has disrupted operations forcing some employees to relocate.

The agency said it won’t let this affect their business.

"We’re very mission focused organization and one little car ramming through our building isn’t going to stop us from getting out to these families home and being of service,” he said.

The exact cost of damage is unknown at this time.

CEDARS  plans to have things all fixed up in less than two weeks.