Rural Waverly home destroyed by fire

Courtesy: Southeast Rural Fire Dept.

By: Sabrina Ahmed  

“Got a lot of good memories–it's sad to see them go.”

Dave Sundeen grew up in the house that burnt down.  He now lives next door.  He and his family sold the home west of Waverly earlier this year.   

On his way back to his house, he saw fire coming from the roof of his childhood home.  He said the whole house was in flames before the fire fighters even got there.

“I could see the fire in where my mom and dad–bedroom was.. came down into there.  my brother, Norman, his bedroom and we could see the fire in those places,” Sundeen said.

The fire started around 10:30 Thursday night.  As you can see, there isn't even a roof on the home anymore.

The house was almost 100 years old, built by hand in 1914.  Sundeen's father was born and raised there.  He and his five siblings were all raised in the house, too.

“It was really sad to see all the familiar things and memories we had–all 6 of us kids and all the family get togethers we used to have,” Sundeen said.

The newly remodeled house has been in the hands of the new owners for less than a year.  Sundeen said, even though he is sad to see all of his childhood memories gone, he feels the worst for the current owners.

“I really feel bad for the people–they were nice people that owned it and were fixing it up,” he said.

The State Fire Marshall's Office is investigating. It said so far, they do not know what caused the fire.