A few scams are going around Lincoln

Posted By: Jason Taylor


LINCOLN, Neb. There are currently three scams affecting Lincoln residents. One is targeting the elderly, another is families and the third one is college students.

Two Lincoln grandparents were scammed out of money. They got calls from people claiming to be their grandchildren. And that they were in jail and needed bond money. The 2 two sent $20,000 dollars, but realized it was a scam and stopped the transfer in time. The second scam is a newer one that claims to be Lincoln Mediation.

"This was a group that called themselves Lincoln Mediation. We’re the Mediation Center here in Lincoln. There are six of these centers across the state and none of them are called Lincoln Mediation." Said Casey Karges, Executive Director of the Mediation Center

This phone scam is calling random people and telling them they owe money to Lincoln Mediation. Victims said they were very rude over the phone and some asked for their social security number.

"They did threaten them. Threaten to get rid of the pets and get the kids out of the house because they were going to come after the house in some way. That’s something we would never do." Karges said

The phone number the scammers used had a 407 area code which was to a house in Florida. Karges says these victims were not even clients and their client info is always confidential.

The 3rd scam involves crooks calling students and parents during the back to school season demanding payments for non–existing taxes like the "Federal Student Tax." And if they don’t comply they’ll report the student and have them arrested.

If you have received any of these calls you should contact the attorney generals office to let them know about the scam. If you’ve given private information call the police department immediately.