A Group of Lincoln Teenagers Meets to Make A Difference

Every Monday night, a group of local teens gets together to discuss issues that affect their community. The group calls itself “YARP” or “Youth Against Racism and Prejudice”. And they say they're making a difference in the world, one mind at a time.

Morgan Ballard is one of about 25 Lincoln high school students who spend every Monday night here at the Malone Center. They discuss issues of racism and stereotypes and it's a safe place to bring up personal experiences. Morgan says “If we have something we need to discuss or is bothering us we can say it here. We're really open.”

Morgan's dad Joe Ballard started the group in 1989 after being inspired by a Martin Luther King rally at Lincoln high school. He says many of the topics they discuss come from current events, while others seem to come up year after year, like interracial relationships. And as the years go by, Ballard says it's not uncommon for past members to come back and tell him about the profound effect the group had on their lives.