A group of UNL students make a display to remember the lives lost on September 11th.

Posted By: Jason Taylor


LINCOLN, Neb. Sunday marks 15 years since the terrorist’s attacks. To remember, one UNL group is displaying almost 3-thousand American flags on campus.

"This has been a fantastic opportunity to honor the people that we lost on 9/11. A lot of the people here honestly don’t remember 9/11, so we’re trying to create honestly awareness." Said Ben Larsen, Young Americans for Freedom

2,977 American flags are lined up in the green space on UNL’s campus to remember all the lives lost on 9/11. Eight members from the Young Americans for Freedom spent Thursday night putting in all these flags behind Richardson Hall. This is a non–profit organization on campuses throughout the nation that focuses on conservative and libertarian principles. This is the first year the organization has been on campus and is the first time UNL has been apart of this project.

"When we were setting up we got nothing but fantastic responses, people were talking about family members that they were worried they lost on 9/11." Larsen Said

Larsen says the freshmen class had not yet entered kindergarten at the time of the attacks so this serves to raise awareness. He adds this also serves as a reminder of radical Islamic terrorism and the need to eliminate their threats. But overall, this lets people share how they feel about 9/11.

"This display is incredibly powerful to people and it elicits a lot of emotion. And so, its been great to talk to people and see what 9/11 means to them." Larsen Said

The flag display will be up now through Sunday for people to see.