A Halloween Wedding

By: Bill Schammert

You won't find the bride in all white at this ceremony, nor will you see the groom in a tuxedo.  No, this wedding was Halloween inspired from head to toe.

Not too often does the bride paint the face of the groom before exchanging vows.  But for Brenda Hansen and Dustin Schleichardt, that is just the way they wanted it.

“We were sitting on the porch one morning and decided lets gets married on Halloween,” Hansen said.

With daughter Araya and son Desmond on hand to celebrate the day, the couple traded vows and the traditional first kiss.  The ceremony was short and to the point, but now, for this couple of almost six years, it's official.

“I am overjoyed,” Hansen said.

“She's been talking about it for two weeks, checking it off the calendar,” Schleichardt said.

It may seem like a crazy idea, getting married on this supposedly spooky day, but ordained minister James Anderson says Halloween is actually a day of celebration.

“It's a day to celebrate saints,” Anderson said.  “So, I think it's a wonderful day they chose to get married.”

Not everyone approved of Brenda and Dustin's decision, but it doesn't matter.  The Schleichardt's are now happily married. 

“We don't care what you say, it's our day,” Brenda said.

“We're being different, that's all that matters,” Dustin remarked. “I don't want to be the same.”

Let the ghosts and goblins celebrate.