A Hastings company has provided critical parts to a new innovative high speed train in Florida

Posted By: Jason Taylor


LINCOLN, Neb. Bright Line is the nation’s only privately owned and operated express rail passenger train that’s 100 percent made in America.

"This is the most innovative, forward leaning train in America. And that is going to allow us for sure to reinvent what it means to travel by train in America," Said Michael Reininger, President of All Aboard Florida.

This is a behind the scenes look of the new train which was made from 40 suppliers in 20 states. One of those companies is from Hastings which is Thermo King. They were responsible for the design and construction of the train’s HVAC systems. Michael Reininger, president of all aboard Florida says this project uses skilled American workers and an estimated 10 thousand jobs are created during the entire construction phase of Bright Line.

"We now have developed an entire supply chain using technologies from around the world and re-created here in the U.S. such that we can now build train sets, locomotives and custom coaches in the United States from start to finish," Reininger said.

The train will be able to travel from West Palm Beach through Fort Lauderdale to Miami. They plan to have it reach Orlando as their next destination.