A Letter Containing Mercury Is Sent to Mayor And The Police

 A day after Lincoln mayor Colleen Seng received a letter laced with mercury, Police Chief Tom Casady got one, too. The letter arrived at the police station , addressed to the police chief… But employees were on the lookout for anything similar to what the mayor received, and so it was not opened  . Both envelopes contained a small amount of mercury, and letters that police say expressed displeasure with the police department. Based on the contents of the letters, police say they do believe they were sent by the same person. It was virtually identical to the 1st letter that was receieved in mayor Seng's office addressed to mayor Seng. These letters were of the same size, the handwriting looked similar, they had the same kind of stamp on them and they were prepared in the same way. There were different return addresses on the two letters. The first one belonged to a person who has been dead for several years but is still listed in the phone book. The amount of mercury contained in the letters was about as much as what would come from an old fever thermometer, but health officials say mercury is only dangerous if the exposure is over a long period of time.