A Lincoln woman is chased by a coyote near Holmes Lake

A Lincoln woman got a bit of scare near Holmes Lake Tuesday Morning.

Denise Howell was riding her bike to work on the west side of the lake near this dam before 7:30 a.m.

That’s when she said a coyote crossed in front of her, then went after her.

"He walked off to the side. Then, I saw  him flinch a  little bit, so I thought I would  start pedaling really fast and I did. He went into a dead out sprint and chased me,” Denise Howell said.

Coyotes sightings in the area aren’t uncommon.

People who frequent the lake said they see them often.

Caleb Schmucker and his friend, Beth Pringle, were walking in the same location as Howell a few hours after and spotted one as well.

"I have a lot of friends who live out in the country, so I’ve seen coyotes before, but I’ve never seen one  inside the city of Lincoln this far in,” Caleb Schmucker said.

"Why is there a coyote here? So, I started looking around like  did someone lose it?  Is it a pet? Why on earth is it here?" Beth Pringle said.

Animal control said there have been more than 30 reports of coyote sightings since May.

Its manager said there have been fewer reports in the last week.

The department says it’s also paying close attention to the area with more patrolling.

So, what should you do if you get up close and personal with a coyote?


"If one does approach you, it’s probably important not to run from it. Rather stand still and they’ll stand still and they’ll watch you,” Animal Control Manager Steve Beal said.

Officials are reminding to be cautious in the area.

They said you try to scare the coyote away if you see in the distance.

If you do see one, call Animal Control 402-441-7900.