A mother warns about the dangers of window blinds

By:Dan Messieo

It was a terrifying close call for Nicci Walla 10 years ago.  Back then, we brought you the story of how she saved her son from being strangled by a window blind cord.  The entire incident was caught on tape.  

Nicci just wanted to video tape her kids being kids.  Little did she know the few minutes she captured would change her life.  She looked up and saw her son, Gavin, hanging from a window blind cord.   

Ten years later, Nicci is a mother dedicated to getting the word out about window covering safety.  “It's just a really scary unknown threat in your home.  It's an invisible threat.  People don't realize it exists,” Nicci said.   

Today, Gavin Walla is a healthy freshman in high school.  Nicci says, as far as she knows, Gavin has no physical effects from what happened to him ten years ago.   

Sally Dion from Custom Blind and Design recommends cordless blinds for those with little ones.  “It's an investment in their family and their family's safety to go ahead and go with the LiteRise cordless system,” Dion said.

Nicci stopped hanging blinds years ago.  Now, she has just curtains over the windows in her home.  She has some strong advice for those of you with little ones.  

 “If you have window blinds and you have children they're not compatible.  You need to get rid of you window blinds, even if it costs you a little bit of money.  Don't wait for your tax return to come in.  Make it happen,” Nicci said.   


Visit this link http://parentsforwindowblindsafety.org/ for information about cord safety