A new Lincoln dog park is nearly up and running

A new Lincoln dog park is almost up and running.
The new location near Peterson park along highway 2 will give pet owners a new option.

"I think they’re doing a good job adding more dog runs, it makes it more convenient to get a dog some exercise," said local dog owner Chad Kulig.

The new dog run will be one of three new dog runs that are coming to Lincoln.
Rickman’s Run dog park has long been a local favorite. It’s located on the east side of Holmes lake.
A new park in North Lincoln at roper park near 7th and Adams opened last month.
It replaces the oak park dog run that used to be near 1st and cornhusker.
with those two parks on opposite ends of the city, dog owners are thrilled to have a happy medium.

"We’ve had her for a really long time and we’ve always had to go all the way north or all the way to Holmes lake to take her. Just driving down the street is awesome, the kids get worn out and they have a great time, so I think its going to be very beneficial to pet owners and their pets," said local dog owner Shayna Thomas.
The local group ‘friends of the dog parks’ want to get one park in each quadrant of the city. Within 10 years, the plan is to build one downtown, one out by pioneers park and then another off of highway 2 and 84th street.
"I live in an apartment right now so I don’t have a lot of space and i have a husky who’s pretty big and he needs space to run so this helps him physically and mentally," said Chad Kulig.

The Lincoln parks foundation and friends of dog parks are raising private funds to add features at the city’s dog runs. Participants can purchase a personalized tile (4–by–4 or 4–by–8 inches) to be displayed on decorative fences at each of the four dog runs.
The campaign will fund additional features such as drinking fountains, rinsing stations, shelters and concrete pathways.
The final dog run is set to be opened in early 2018 and will be located at Mahoney park in northeast Lincoln.