A new private security company will be staffed at Husker football games

Posted By: Jason Taylor


LINCOLN, Neb. A new private security company this year will work alongside with Lincoln Police to help keep fans safe at the game.

The Lincoln branch of Securitas is now contracted with UNL to provide security at Memorial Stadium this year. They will be providing the security staff to work alongside with LPD and the ROTC. Branch Manager Demetrius Ross says they will be involved with several functions to keep fans safe.

"We will be involved with access of control, escorts as well as field assignments. And making sure that folks that are not supposed to be on the field don’t make it down to the field." Said Demetrius Ross, Branch Manager with Securitas

One of the major assignments they’re also in charge of is monitoring what goes into the stadium. They want fans to know what items UNL prohibits from being brought in.

These items include…

-Chair back Seats (backrests)

-Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances

-Coolers, large bags or backpacks

-Noise makers

-Glass bottles and cans

-Video cameras

-Banners or flags on poles

-Open umbrellas

-Pets (except service animals)

-Firearms, knives or weapons of any kind


"We’re going to do a good job of pre–screening and making sure we have signage up. We’ll have signage up on what specifics of what should not be on campus. We’ll have a staff out there to kind of help remind folks of what is ok to bring inside of the stadium." Ross said

Up to 90 security officials will be staffed this Saturday. However, they’re still looking to hire more.

"Each week based on the game and each game there’s going to be assignments that we’re going to have. We may need to take on additional staffing. It just depends on the magnitude of the game." Ross said

Securitas will also be running security of all UNL events this year.

If you’re interested in applying for a job with them here is a link to their website.