A northeast Nebraska YMCA ends tackle football

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton


A northeast Nebraska YMCA made a big announcement this week.

The Norm Waitt Senior "Y" in South Sioux City is ending its tackle football program for kids in grades 3 through 6.

It will no longer be offered starting June 1 and the plan is to expand flag football.

This comes after more evidence from studies showing increased potential harm from brain injuries like concussions on youth.

"I mean we are all about youth development and healthy living, and promoting something that can cause kids long–term injury is not something we want to be involved,” Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA CEO Kevin Engel-Cartie said.

We asked your opinion about the South Sioux City "Y’s " decision on our Facebook page.

Some of you like its proactive approach while others believe we’re coddling our children too much.

John wrote “Why not just wrap kids in bubble wrap, precious little snowflakes that they are? Another generation of soft, cowardly, entitled brats coming right up.”

Tori Ann wrote “ I would much rather have a ‘little snowflake’ then a grown man who can’t fully function because he was hit in the head so many times as a child due to a game!"

Researchers say high–contact sports like football are the top cause of serious brain injuries like concussions.

They say a big problem is repeated trauma, which can major effects.

That’s why sports medicine professionals are talking about changing how the sport is played.

"I think if we can decrease risk either through rule changes or decreased contact, I think that would be very useful to give our kids the best chance they have at a functional, fulfilled life,”  Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Michael Nguyen said.

Lincoln’s YMCA doesn’t offer tackle football.