A snow-filled-Easter leads to over 20 accidents

Easter arrived on Sunday and it brought snow along with it.

The snowfall made commuting difficult in the morning hours, there were 15 accidents reported between 10 am and noon.

A semi-truck moving westbound on I–80 lost control and became lodged across the road, halting traffic for a few hours.

Officials were concerned the truck had spilled gasoline on the ground and down into a nearby sewer drain.

Those roads are now back open.

Another accident occurred just north of downtown on the I–80 bridge.

Traffic was slowed for some time until tow trucks were able to help out.

There were several instances of cars losing control and falling into nearby ditches off of the interstate.

The snow continued throughout the morning and into the early afternoon, finally coming to a stop around 3 pm.

With the snowfall stopped, the roads are clearing up, and visibility is back to normal.

Still, officials say be safe and drive slow if you are out commuting tonight.

As of 4:30 pm, there have been 23 accidents reported so far today.

So far, none of the 23 accidents have resulted in serious injuries.