A special group of kids are given a big night

By: Kayla Bremer

A couple in Lincoln gives a special group of kids a night to remember. 

For dozens of trick or treaters, Sunday was their chance in the lime light…pulling up to Boo at the Zoo in a party–bus style limousine.  For event sponsors Tony and Rhonda Lucero, it's a chance to give some of those less fortunate a special Halloween. 

“They're just excited to get things and be able to pick out their costumes they want to wear and have fun and just you know not even think about what else is going on maybe in their lives…just kind of get lost in the moment,” Rhonda Lucero said.

The People's City Mission is home to about 70 children right now.  The Luceros say they want the kids to experience things they normally wouldn't get to.

The evening kicked off with a pizza party before everyone pulled up to the Lincoln Children's Zoo in style.

From Disney characters to princesses to super heroes, all the kids were excited and ready to go trick or treating.

“I'm really excited we're riding in a limo,” a trick or treater said.

Another added, “Yeah I will have so much fun!  I've never been in a limo.”

“The whole point is having fun, going out, getting candy and then coming home and eating all the candy and having fun,” said Haley of Lincoln.

This is the second year the Luceros have put on the event for kids at the mission.  Rhonda says she hopes this will remind people to help others in need.

“It's so important that those who can pay it forward, need to pay it forward and this is what we're trying to do.  Trying to teach people that if you have the money, just give it.  Just give it away and help those people that are less fortunate.”

All of the Halloween costumes were donated to the People's City Mission to dress the kids for the big night.