Abigail Wood

Abigail is a Nebraska girl.  “Lincoln is my hometown, and it will always have first place in my heart,” Abigail says.  She continues, “I’m excited to see how it has grown so dramatically in recent years and I look forward to documenting future growth.” 

Abigail graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, where she studied Journalism, English and Philosophy.  She has worked for newspapers in Michigan and in Nebraska.  She also has been a freelance writer for magazines and journals.  While an intern at a newspaper in Crete, NE, she started developing photography skills, which came in handy as she documented her year in Israel, working for Bridges for Peace.  Abigail may have come to Channel 8 Eyewitness News via a different path than most broadcast journalists, but she says, “I love telling people’s stories.  Print is a wonderful medium, but video adds another layer, helping me connect people with what I’m writing about.”  She admits that she sometimes ends her sentences in prepositions.

Abigail loves languages and different cultures.  She especially loves learning new things and if it’s outside of her comfort zone, she welcomes it.  She is a fan of “nerdy pastimes”, she says, like reading, writing, painting and ballroom dancing.