About Rustad Dermatology

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We are dedicated to every patient.

At Rustad Dermatology, you will find an array of services ranging from high-tech dermatology to cosmetic surgery. Here you can have the confidence that qualified clinical and aesthetic experts, led by Nebraska's most experienced Board Certified Dermatologists, will create the most effective plan of care for your unique needs. And, at Rustad Dermatology, you will always be seen by a Board Certified Dermatologist.

In developing the array of procedures we offer to our clients, our primary concerns revolve around safety, always focusing on the realistic benefits and practical expectations of all cosmetic procedures offered. This watchful approach has worked very well for our client base. Dr. Rustad understands your concern about skin aging and employs the most modern techniques, lasers and intense light treatment. He is extensively trained in identifying and treating skin cancers with a nearly 100% cure rate. His expert plastic surgical repairs are done with convenience and excellence, in the office, on the day a cancer is removed.

Dr. Rustad is committed to every patient and ensures that he surpasses the current standards of care. Whether it be a simple dermatological problem, a serious skin cancer, a multifaceted treatment plan for acne or a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure, Dr. Rustad has the experience and training it takes to achieve the most notable effects.