Affordable Care Act remains controversial issue

By: Rachael Witter

Two years ago Friday, the President signed into the law the Affordable Care Act, and it's still a very controversial issue.

Advocates and community members impacted by the Affordable Care Act gathered Friday to celebrate the second birthday of the law signing, but not everyone has been in support of it.

The law allows parents to keep their children under 26 on their insurance plans, removes the lifetime limits on health benefits, and keeps prescriptions affordable for seniors. Thousands of Nebraskans have already benefited from it.

“These are differences that have already made a big difference to Nebraska families in the last year, year and a half, and there's more to come in helping people access coverage,” said Jennifer Carter with Nebraska Appleseed.

One woman, personally affected by this law, hopes it continues to assist families in Nebraska. “As you know, cancer care can be very expensive and very tolling on a family economically, financially, emotionally and I believe that this bill will ease some of that burden on families,” said Janet Goodman Banks, a breast cancer survivor.

But not everyone is on board with this law. Those opposed to it are trying to fight it until it's fully implemented in 2014. “This law is misguided, stifles job growth and doesn't improve health care for millions of Americans and should be wiped from the books. Americans are demanding it, Nebraskans are demanding it and they deserve it,” said Senator Mike Johanns.

The law will be fully enacted in 2014.