Afternoon House Fire Damages Lincoln Home

Crews are still on the scene of an afternoon fire that has destroyed a south Lincoln home.

Flames gutted the inside and destroyed this part of the home. We spoke with several neighbors who say one man lives here and he was able to make it out. But firefighters say the wind made there jobs much harder.

Crews were called here at about 2:30 this afternoon. They reported heavy smoke billowing from the backside. Part of the roof was also on fire so once firefighters cleared the house, they surrounded the home and fought it from there.

We spoke with one man who lives right next to this house and he tells me he was shocked at what he saw.

“I was in the other room just playing xbos my mom yelled at me said she smelled something saw his porch engulfed in flames,” Cody Martinez said.

Because of the wind firefighters worked to make sure the flames didn't spread to any neighboring houses. Also because the wind was so strong, some of the smoke was blowing out on the busy 40th street and Highway 2.

As of right now, still no word on what caused the fire. But the damage is very extensive.