Ag in the Classroom needs your vote for Toyota giveaway

Posted by:  Newsroom

The statewide agricultural education program is hoping to win a Toyota pickup in the annual giveaway contest.  Toyota gives away 100 vehicles each summer to non-profits through a Facebook voting contest.

The Nebraska-based program has a one in five chance at winning a free truck. It's all part of the Toyota 100 Cars for Good campaign.  Ag in the Classroom has been working to teach young people how farming impacts their lives for nearly 30 years.  Organizers say a new truck will help drive their mission.

“What we'd really like to be able to do down the road is, you know, develop an Ag literacy lab that we can take directly to schools and do hands–on projects, once we're at the schools. And without the truck, we can't do the lab. So it's just one step in the process,” says Cathy Day with the Nebraska Foundation Ag Awareness.

 July 10th is the day to vote, and it's all done online through Facebook.  If you'd like to vote on that day, log onto: