Aging Partners in Lincoln holds a Luau for seniors

Posted By: Jason Taylor

LINCOLN, Neb. Seniors at aging partners took a trip to the tropics without leaving Lincoln. The Downtown Senior Center held a paradise cove luau in effort to raise money and have some fun.

Several Lincoln residents over 60 came downtown to take part in this luau. Native Hawaiian and Mrs. USA 2004 Leolani Edwards dressed up in a grass skirt and taught everyone the art of hula dancing and the history of the Hawaiian people. Senior center manger Denise Howe says they throw themed parties throughout the year.

"It kind of let itself with the temperature and everything. So, different times of the year its different kinds of themes. We had a state fair theme last year. We had a booth set up and prizes." Said Denise Howe, Downtown Senior Center Manager

In addition to help raise money for aging partners these themed party’s provide the elderly social contact and give them a sense of community.

"Downtown Senior Center is especially a diverse place. We have people downtown who take their breaks here at lunch time or we have widows or widowers who come here to enjoy the company of other people." Howe said

Lincoln resident Ladene Swatsworth says she enjoys having these types of events.

"You meet new people and get to know about their lives, the things they’ve done. And we’ve all lived longer lives and we have stories to tell and so you can share that down here." Said LaDene Swatsworth, Lincoln Resident

She tells us her favorite part of the luau.

"Dancing again! I’m a former dance teacher…Ya I’m a little bit of a show bizzer." Swatsworth said

"We just try to come up with a bunch of different novel ideas for programming. Things that would interest our patrons… It’s just all trying to keep it fresh and have fun things to enjoy." Howe said

Next month the senior center will feature a guest speaker Dr. Paul Johnsgard who’s a friend of Jane Goodall.