Aging Partners opens new location in Lincoln

Posted By: Alden German

It is always important to stay fit and healthy, especially as we age; but sometimes we need an extra hand or a more relaxed environment. That’s the mission of Aging Partners, a Nebraska agency on aging that’s designed to focus on the health and strength of senior citizens to encourage healthy lifestyles, even later in life.

They’re located in eight counties in Nebraska. Aging Partners recently opened a new location in Lincoln. It’s located at 555 S. 9th Street, just west of City Hall.

At Aging Partners, the care is one-on-one.

"We have a trainer, Judy, who’s out there, and she teaches each individual how to correctly use the equipment and helps identify what specific goals they have and puts together an exercise programs for the individuals who want that," said Sandy Lutz of Aging Partners.

They do more than just personal training. They also offer classes on health and wellness, diet, even Tai Chi. All ages are welcome, although they are primarily focused on people over age 60.

There is a reason for a special place specifically designed for seniors.

"It’s because of the comfort," said Lutz. "They feel there are people that have the same needs, they might have the same goals or similar goals. They don’t feel judged, they don’t feel less than, and they make friends here."

One such person that’s made friends is Rachel Trevizo, who has been coming for about seven years and enjoys it very much.

"Oh I have a lot of friends. The people are very good. The staff is very good. They make you feel comfortable," said Trevizo.

Trevizo said her doctor has noticed improvement in her health. As for her favorite thing about Aging Partners?

"Besides the exercise and feeling good it’s the people and the staff. The staff are super duper," said Trevizo.

There is a small contribution fee, but it is only $4 a month for those over age 60. Those under 60 have to pay a bit more.

Aging Partners has locations in Butler, Fillmore, Lancaster, Polk, Saline, Seward, and York Counties.

For more information, visit their website at