Air Conditioners humming around Nebraska

This hotter weather has many air conditioning units humming, and repairmen working overtime.  For many of you this weekend was the first time you turned on your air conditioner and as a local business tells us, some of you got the unpleasant surprise of finding out your AC's not working.

When the sun comes out and the temps make you sweat, you reach to turn your air conditioner on for the first time all season, and then it doesn't always work.

“They don't think about it till they go to flip the switch and it won't work,” Calvin Smith of Absolute Comfort said. Calls from those of you in that sticky situation came pouring in to Calvin Smith with Absolute Comfort heating and air.  It's been hectic since 7:30 he just finished putting in this brand new air conditioner, sealing it tight so the people inside can fire it up and cool down.

“This one lady today said it was hard to sleep last night with the humidity in the air said she was up all night,” Smith said.  To keep your air conditioner working without needing all these tools, check your filter every thirty days.. You should be able to see through it.. Or change it.”

LES has more energy saving tips for high temps…set your thermostat no lower than 78 degrees. Keep your shades closed on the sunny side of your house. And use ceiling fans in rooms with a lot of people. The forecast puts the rest of the week well above a humid 80– degrees… So Smith says they're ready for more overtime days. “We're gonna be slammed probably,”

Don't forget to change the filter in your furnace.  Where the air gets pushed thru your home.  A good one costs about 6 dollars. If you never change it, it could ruin your unit.